A translation office does not only make translations in the narrow sense of the word. Regular translations of course account for the main part. Although this can also be subdivided into several specialities such as administration, advertisement, finances, IT, law, sports, telecommunication … just to name some of them.

One specific domain merits particular attention: legal translations.

It is appropriate to say that we succeeded to develop a remarkable expertise in this field. Judgments, sentences, petitions, writs, minutes, pleadings … our translations are 100% linguistically and legally correct. Another aspect of legal translations is the sworn translation. For a migration, marriage, birth, foundation of a company and so many other occasions, the authorities sometimes request a sworn translation.

Have you completed drafting your letter, contract or website, but you are not certain whether your message comes across correctly and clearly, we can help you with our services of proofreading.
From now on, that single blotting error in your text belongs to the past.